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Emergency Preparedness Workshops

This series of videos were recorded from workshops provided by PA Family Network to give families, self-advocates, and support staff the information needed to prepare for, and manage emergency situations. The resource also includes a link to request an emergency prep kit.

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Evacuating Your Home During a Natural Disaster

This resource is guide for how to safely evacuate your home in case of an emergency.

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Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation

This resource provides information and resources for providers to support individuals and families who may come across misinformation related to COVID-19.

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Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Social Stories

These social stories provide a visual explanation of what to expect when getting the vaccine for COVID-19 and what you may experience after getting the vaccine. Social stories are provided in both English and Spanish, and have also been developed into videos.

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Going Back to School: COVID-19

This video provides information for students going back to school during COVID-19. Hear recommendations from Jesse Northridge, LCSW on maintaining your mental health while getting back into school routines.

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Human Trafficking Resource Collection

This is a collection of resources designed for self-advocates to help explain human trafficking and prevention and intervention strategies against it.

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Human Trafficking Social Stories

This series of social stories provides visual guides on what human trafficking is and how to help prevent it.

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Human Trafficking: Resources for Professionals

These resources were designed for supervisors and direct support staff who work with individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. Topics covered include what human trafficking is, signs of trafficking, what to do if you suspect trafficking, and ways to prevent human trafficking. There is also a guide for supervisors on how to use these materials along with training videos available on LANTERN with their staff.

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