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When I'm In The Low Zone: Social Story

Cartoon of woman with her head on her hand, she looks sad.

Sometimes I may feel tired, sad or depressed.

Cartoon of a woman with her head in her hands, she is sad.

Even when I sleep and take naps I may still feel tired.

Cartoon of a woman sitting on the floor hugging her knees, she is sad.

I may not have much energy.

Cartoon of a woman avoiding her friends and family, she is sad.

I might want to stay away from everybody.

Cartoon of a woman avoiding her friend, she is sad.

I might not even want to be around people who care about me.

I might feel like I don’t want to do anything at all.

Cartoon of a woman with question marks circling around her head.

I might feel stuck thinking about things that upset me.

These are all signs my body is low in the resilient or “OK” zone.

Cartoon of a woman who is stressed, she is holding a sign that reads

When I am low in the zone I can uses kills to help get back to the middle.

Cartoon of a woman walking her dog.

I can spend time with a pet or visit a place I like.

Cartoon of a woman dancing to music and clapping her hands.

I can clap along and dance to my favorite music.

Cartoon of a woman who is sad, she is talking to a trusted friend.

I can talk to a person I trust to think of more ways to get my body back to the middle of my resilient or “OK” zone.

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