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Video: Coping with Coronavirus

This presentation, from Patricia Brofee at Central PA HCQU, focuses on coping with stressful situations like COVID-19. Topics include identifying reactions to stressful situations, reducing the negative impact of stress, practicing self-care and where to seek help when stressed. 


    • how to anticipate normal reactions to stressful situations
    • how to reduce the negative impact of stress by recognizing how stress can affect our bodies,
    • how to discuss the benefit of practicing self-care and stress- reducing activities and
    • to know when and where to seek help when stressed.

Key Takeaways:

    • Everyone reacts to stress differently
    • What we are all feeling is normal
    • During times of stress, pay attention to your own needs and feelings
    • Focus on what you can control
    • Stay socially connected during stressful times
    • Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help if you feel alone and/or stressed.

Crisis Resources:

Counseling Helpline:1-855-284-2494

Crisis Textline: text TALK to 741741


Video Overview (PDF)

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