Video: Staycation vs Vacation- How to Have Fun and Stay Safe


This webinar will focus on the ways you can stay safe and have fun this summer. Some families may not be ready for a summer get away vacation so they plan to “staycation” while other families may be ready for a change of scenery. You will learn ways you and your family can have fun and stay safe whether that’s at the lake or in your own backyard.

Key Takeaways:

    • There are ways to stay safe and have fun at home and while traveling
    • Planning ahead will help prepare for activities that are safe for your family.
    • There will be some disappointment this summer, acknowledge it.
    • Some families are more ready to travel than others, be mindful of both
Video Overview

Summer Safety During COVID

This resource provides tips and suggestions on staying safe while enjoying activities during the summer with COVID-19.

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