Video: Self-Care During Stressful Times


In this video, Ryan Cramer from the Western Region of the ASERT Collaborative provides tips and suggestions for Direct Support Staff (DSP) on the importance of self-care during stressful times.

Key Takeaways:

    • Minimize the stressors.
    • Balance your social interactions.
    • Fuel your body with good nutrition.
    • Relax your muscles.
    •  Practice meditation.
    • Get some sleep.
    •  Physical activity is important.
    •  Take a moment in nature.
    •  Maintain your “me” time.
    • Reframe your thinking.
    • Reach out for help.

For more information and tips read this article from the American Psychological Association:
Healthy Ways to Handle Life’s Stressors

Video Overview (PDF)

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