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HighZone Reaction in My Body-Social Story

Cartoon of woman with arms crossed, she looks anxious.

Sometimes I might feel shaky and full of energy.

Cartoon of heart with a heart beat symbol.

My heart bight beat very fast.

Cartoon of a woman breathing slowly.

I might breathe so fast my chest starts to hurt.

Cartoon of woman with pain in her neck muscles.

Sometimes my muscles will get tight.

Cartoon of a women with stars swirling around her head, she is dizzy.

I might feel dizzy or start to get a headache.

Cartoon of a mouth in pain.

There might be a dry feeling in my mouth that makes it hard to swallow.

Cartoon of a woman with a stomach ache.

Sometimes my body may feel like it is going to throw up.

Cartoon of a woman in the bathroom she has to use the toilet.

I might need to use the bathroom a lot.

Cartoon of a woman who is thinking with question marks around her head.

These feelings in my body are clues that I might be high in my resilient or "OK" zone.

Cartoon of a check list with boxes checked.

When I am high in the zone I can use skills to help get back to the middle of my resilient or "OK" zone.

Cartoon of a woman meditating, she is smiling.

I can try taking deep breaths, going for a walk, or drinking some water.

Cartoon of two women talking, they are smiling.

I can talk to a person I trust to think of more ways to get my body back into the "OK" zone.

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