High Zone Reactions in my Brain: Social Story

Cartoon of an individual with smoke coming out of their ears, they are angry.

Sometimes I may feel angry, frustrated, confused, or stressed.

Cartoon of a man thinking, his hand is on his chin.

When I have these feelings, I may think about a lot of things.

Cartoon of man with his hand on his head, he is thinking.

It can be hard to concentrate.

Cartoon of man with his hands in the air, he is confused.

Sometimes when I have these feelings, I may have trouble thinking about anything else.

Graphic of an arrow pointing up.

When I feel this way, it means I am moving to the high end of my resilient or "OK" zone.

Cartoon of a man sitting on the floor, he looks sad.

It is hard to meet my goals when I am in the high area of my zone.

Cartoon of a man with his hand on his head, He looks confused.

When I am high in my resilient or "OK" zone I can use skills to help get back to the middle.

Person walking and a bottle of water.

I can try taking deep breaths, going for a walk, or drinking some water.

Cartoon of two men sitting down talking.

I can talk to a person I trust to think of more ways to get back to the middle of my resilient or "OK" zone.

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