Calling 911

Who Will Answer Your Call?

  • Your phone call will be answered by a trained professional.
  • They will ask you very specific questions.
  • Your answers to these questions will help determine which emergency service they should send (firefighters, police, ambulance, etc.)
  • There is important information that you will need to know to answer these questions.

What Kind of Questions Will They Ask?

  • What is the address of the emergency?
  • What is your callback number (your phone number)?
  • There are 4 questions all 9-1-1 emergency personnel need to know.
    • What is the emergency?
    • What is the person’s approximate age?
    • Is he or she conscious (awake)?
    • Is he or she breathing?

Important Things You Need to Do

  • Be calm and listen carefully!
  • If you’re able, do exactly what the emergency person asks you to do.
  • Don’t tell them to “hurry”. They’re aware of the situation and are getting help as they’re talking to you.
  • They may ask you to do nothing until help arrives.
  • They may tell you get out of an unsafe environment
  • They may ask you to stay on the phone and assist in providing care for the ill or injured person.

What to Expect

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