Video: Bereavement During a Pandemic

This video explains how self-advocates will work through grief related to bereavement. Also included is advice on how to support individuals during this time in healthy and productive ways.



In summary, the SelfAdvocate can support individuals with bereavement during a pandemic. Self-Advocates gain an understanding of bereavement and grief; of losses during a pandemic; of the four tasks of mourning; of unique expressions of grief; and how to offer support to individuals.

Key Takeaways:

    • Support the individual experiencing grief by giving them the opportunity to talk about their loved one. Its important not to change the subject
    • As you are supporting the individual, its important to be aware of your personal views and be carefully not to impose them.

For More Information:

Webinar Overview (PDF)

This video discusses bereavement community members may feel during this pandemic, particularly grief – what it is and how it could appear.



In summary, individuals bereave differently during a pandemic. Through the webinar individuals gain an understanding of grief and bereavement; of losses during a pandemic; of the four tasks of mourning; and of unique expressions of grief.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grief is an a natural and common response to loss that promotes healing and growth
  • Grief is an individual experience composed of emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, and behavioral responses
  • Grief is not an illness, maladaptive behavior, or a sign of weakness
Webinar Overview (PDF)

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