Video: Anxiety-What you need to know

This presentation, from Connie Copley from Milestone HCQU Northwest, provides and overview of anxiety, risk factors, and ways to help people manage anxiety.



Individuals with ID/A may be experiencing anxiety more than usual with the outbreak of the coronavirus. This webinar focuses on being aware of risk factors and signs and symptoms of anxiety, as well as self care tips and how to support others.


Key Takeaways:

    •  Anxiety is feelings of worry, nervousness, or unease
    • Trauma, stress, personality, and family history can all be risk factors for anxiety
    • Anxiety may look like challenging behavior or medical complaints like headaches and stomachaches for individuals with limited expressive language
    • Helping individuals stay connected can help reduce anxiety
    • Practice developing positive, happy thoughts
    • Creating schedules, and doing things we enjoy can help reduce anxiety

For more information visit:

Milestone HCQU NW Anxiety Fact Sheet

Video Overview (PDF)

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