These resources are all designed for people who provide direct supports to individuals with ID/A. This page provides access for all provider resources across all AID in PA projects.

For each project, content is broken down into 3 categories: Quick Bites, Next Steps and Deeper Dive.

Quick Bites: These resources provide a general overview of the topic. If you only have a few minutes to look at information, start with the “quick bites”. This is where you’ll find the most important resources.

Next Steps: If you have more time to spend take the “next step” into these resources where you can find more detailed content on the topic.

Deeper Dive: Looking to know even more? Take a “deep dive” into all of the content that has been developed on the topic to date.

COVID-19 Resources

These resources focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and include information about a wide range of topics including physical health, mental health and wellbeing, accessing services, education during the pandemic, community engagement and more.

Quick Bites

Video: Teaching Infection Control

In this video, tips and suggestions are provided on how to teach individuals new skills.

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Video: Caring for Someone with COVID-19

This presentation provides information for families and caregivers on how to care for someone with COVID-19 at home.

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Video: Behavioral Presentation of COVID-19

This presentation provides information on signs of COVID-19 to look for in individuals who have limited expressive language.

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Video: Sleep Hygiene

This presentation provides information about sleep hygiene, the importance of sleep, and tips for developing good nighttime sleep habits.

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Video: Safety While Completing Errands

This video provides information on safely running errands in the community.

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Next Steps

Video: Staying Connected While Socially Distancing

This presentation provides tips and suggestions on how to stay connected with others while following stay at home orders.

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Video: Self-Care During Stressful Times

This presentation provides information for support staff on the importance of taking care of themselves while taking care of others during stressful times.

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Video: Creating a Social Bubble

In this video the concept of social bubbles is explained, along with information on how to safely create them to provide social support.

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Video: Home from the Hospital

These videos provide information for families and caregivers on how to care for someone when they come home after having COVID-19.

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Video: When You Can’t Go Home After Hospital

This video for families and caregivers how to plan for care after a hospitalization for COVID-19, including what to do if the person isn't able to return home after being discharged from the hospital.

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Deeper Dive

Video: Compassion Fatigue

This video provides an over of what compassion fatigue is, how to recognize it, and ways to manage.

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Video: Help Transition Back into the Community

This video provides nurses with information on how to support caregivers and self-advocates prepare to go back into the community.

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Video: Emotional Dysregulation

This video provides information for provider staff on how to support individuals who may be having trouble managing their emotions.

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Video: Anxiety-What you need to know

This video provides information about anxiety, risk factors, signs of anxiety in individuals with ID/A, and ways to manage anxiety.

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HEART: Healthy sexuality, Education, Awareness, and Relationship Training Resources

These resources focus on reducing risk for experiencing sexual abuse or assault for individuals with ID/A. Content is broken into three important areas: risk reduction, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality.

These resources are still in development. Check back often to see when resources are available. Until then, check out these websites:

ASERT: Be Safe Resources

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape


Emergency Preparedness Resources

These resources focus on how to prepare individuals with ID/A for emergency situations, particularly what to know and do if they need to stay in an emergency shelter. Additional resources focus on providing shelter staff and emergency support workers to effectively support individuals with ID/A.

These resources are still in development. Check back often to see when resources are available. Until then, check out these websites:

Inclusive Preparedess Resources: Red Cross

FEMA: Office of Disability Integration and Coordination

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Well-Being in Isolation: Daily Checklist

This resource, developed by ASERT, provides a checklist of activities that can be done to help maintain your mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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